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                                            SEAFOOD PROCESSING

                                            ON BOARD  FACTORIES

Year of

Installation      name of ship                Country                     Equipment

1998                 Ståltor                          Tromsø/Norway           Complete shrimp factory

1999                Norilsk                          Murmansk/Russia        Complete fish  factory

2000                 Koralen                        Alesund/Norway          Complete shrimp factory

2000                Hvilvtenni                      Leirvik/Iceland             Complete packing line/shrimp

2001                 Karelia 2                      Murmansk/Russia        Rebuilding fillet factory  

2001                 Hopen                          Alesund/Norway          Complete fish/shrimp factory

2002                 Langvin                        Alesund/Norway          Complete shrimp/fillet factory

2002                 Okeanator                    Murmansk/Russia        Rebuilding shrimp factory

2003                Amerloq                        Murmansk/Russia        Complete fish factory

2003                G.O.Sars                       Bergen/Norway            Research Wessel

2003                Tenor                            Alesund/Norway           Complete shrimp/fillet factory

2003                Molodechno                  Murmansk/Russia          Complete  king crab   Container

2004                Sunderøy                      Sortland/Norway          Complete shrimp/fish factory

2005                Kokshaysk                    Murmansk/Russia        Complete  fish factory

2006                Midøy Dahkla                Dahkla/Morroco            Rebuilding pelagic factory

2006                Bjørkhaug                     Alesund/Norway            Complete  shrimp factory

2006                Izumrud                        Murmansk/Russia        Rebuilding fillet factory

2007                Hovden Viking               Selje/Norway               Complete   fish factory

2007                Alferas                          Murmansk/Russia        Rebuilding fish factory

2008                Hepsøhav                      Trondheim/Norway      Complete fish factory

2009                Stornes                         Alesund/Norway          Rebuilding fish factory

2010                                                    Alesund/Norway         

2011                Nordørn                         Alesund/Norway          Rebuilding fish factory

2011                Abelone Møgster            Sotra /Norway             Complete fish factory

2012                Hopen                           Alesund/Norway          Rebuilding fish factory

2012                Nordstar                        Alesund/Norway          Rebuilding fish factory

2013               Hopen                            Alesund/Norway          Complete fish/shrimp factory

2013               Hauge Junior                  Alesund /Norway         Complete fish factory

2013               Havtind                          Alesund /Norway          Rebuilding fish factory

2014               K.Arctander                   Alesund /Norway          Rebuilding fish factory

2014               Kongsfjord                     Alesund/Norway           Rebuilding fish factory

2015                Doggi                          Alesund /Norway           Rebuilding factory

2015               Atlantic Star                Alesund/Norway             Complete Fish factory   

2015               Havstrand                   Alesund/Norway             Various processing  equipment

2015               Havbryn                      Alesund/Norway             Various processing  equipment

2015               Havtind                       Alesund/Norway             Packing line H/G

2016               Gadus Poseidon           Alesund/Norway              Rebuilding Factory

2016               Gadus Njord               Alesund/Norway              Rebuilding Factory/Fish meal plant

2016               Batsfjord                    Alesund/Norway              Rebuilding/New packing line H/G

2016               Atlantic Star                Alesund/Norway              Shrimp  industrial line